Consoles In The Works

SN001: Telefunken Bayreuth 5552MX in the works! The console features the original radio, a turntable, reel-to-reel player, heavily retooled speakers, and significantly upgraded sound, including digital signal processing (DSP) EQ built in, bass extension down to 40 Hz, auxiliary inputs, and Bluetooth sound connectivity.

The NF2 tube amplifier amplifier shown is 85% done in this photo and features a matched quartet of EL84 tubes (made in Slovakia, not a Communist country!), matched 12AX7 preamp tubes (Slovakia), powder-coated original chassis (W. Germany), original transformers and inductors (W. Germany). Uses the Made-in-USA Vishay Dale resistors in the signal path for extremely clean sound, along with high performance metal film signal capacitors, and an extra heavy power supply filtering for low noise. Retooled for standard RCA inputs. The coolest part is we added a tuning eye tube (new-old-stock RCA, made in USA) on the amplifier that pulses with the sound level – More on that coming soon!

More details on this fine-looking console are coming soon. We expect to finish it mid-summer 2020. Contact us if you are interesting in reserving it and having custom options/equipment built in.
SN002: A beautiful, honey-colored Grundig Majestic console, set up with some really amazing 6.5″ Audio Nirvana full range speakers plus a built-in hidden subwoofer. Features will include a vintage radio, turntable, DSP audio correction for captivating sound, Bluetooth connectivity, and auxiliary inputs. Currently, the original gloss clear-coating is micro-cracked and needs refinishing.

Contact us to reserve this model if you’d like to customize it.
This absolute beauty is a Grundig Majestic SO-161UA. It’s in very fine physical condition and features two elliptical woofers, radio, the original reel player, and original record player. The top slides open in an ingenious way to expose the radio, and this clever mechanism will also be used to switch the console on and off.