Who we are

Dr. Colin Joye completed his PhD in vacuum tube electronics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge MA. He’s always been fascinated by vacuum tubes and audio. He can trace his artistic lineage to famous impressionistic artist Pierre Bonnard. He is also a professional musician.

Paul Park was bitten by the audio bug in 1990 while listening to a pair of AR 2ax speakers. After that, he has owned AR 1, 3, 3a, LST, Altec 604s, Magnificent, Capistrano, Valencia, JBL C-37,38, Tannoy Silver and Red 15 inchers, Meridian DSP 6000’s and tons of other speakers and amplifiers.

After opening his eyes toward those beautiful stereo consoles, he’s been amassing fine antique console specimens. He is an avid composer/conductor and knows very well how different musical genres are supposed to sound like through audio systems. 

After studying composition at Yonsei Univ in Seoul, Korea, he collected three master degrees in music and education from Columbia Univ in NYC and Boston University. Currently he teaches music at Montgomery County Public School in Maryland.