First NF2 Amp nearing completion!

Our overhaul of the great-sounding, classic Grundig NF2 amplifier is nearly complete. We tore the amplifier down to its bare chassis, powder coated it, replaced all the resistors in the audio path with professional Vishay-Dale low-noise metal-film resistors (Made in USA), new metal-foil capacitors, new tube sockets, wiring, power supply capacitors, etc. Only the transformers and chassis are original. A new set of precision-matched Tesla EL84 tubes and 12AX7 tubes (made in Slovakia, not a Communist country!) round out the rebuild. To make it look great, we added gloss-black, solid-aluminum panels to the front and rear, Cherry side-panels, nickel-finish lift handles, copper foil to the transformers, and Amphenol twist-connectors for the power and speaker connections. For a major finishing touch, we added a green-glowing tuning-eye tube (EM81/6DA5) that dances with the music!

This amplifier is included as part of the Telefunken Bayreuth 5552MX console. It is also the power supply for the radio/control system. More photos and video coming soon!

95% Complete rebuilt classic Grundig NF2 amplifier. It sounds and looks fantastic!