August 2020 Update

We’re nearly finished with the Telefunken Bayreuth 5552MX rebuild. It’s awesome. We build a pair of classic Acoustic Research AR5 speakers into the console in proper, sealed boxes constructed of 3/4″ MDF, totally rebuilt the crossovers using the original air-core inductors with high-grade metal-foil capacitors, added LED lighting, serviced the radio unit, added BlueTooth wireless so you can stream audio from your phone or laptop, and added auxiliary inputs. We also added a DSP unit to modify the tone profile of the console to make it sound just fabulous. And, of course, the awesome NF2 rebuilt amplifier.

We also acquired numerous other consoles, such as a classic Zenith in fantastic condition, a nice Magnevox with 15″ woofers and horns, a Grundig Majestic, and a teak Telefunken. There are several dozen others in our warehouse awaiting transformation. Inquire if there is a particular model you’d like rebuilt/augmented. We may have it in the warehouse.