August 2020 Update

We’re nearly finished with the Telefunken Bayreuth 5552MX rebuild. It’s awesome. We build a pair of classic Acoustic Research AR5 speakers into the console in proper, sealed boxes constructed of 3/4″ MDF, totally rebuilt the crossovers using the original air-core inductors with high-grade metal-foil capacitors, added LED lighting, serviced the radio unit, added BlueTooth wireless so you can stream audio from your phone or laptop, and added auxiliary inputs. We also added a DSP unit to modify the tone profile of the console to make it sound just fabulous. And, of course, the awesome NF2 rebuilt amplifier.

We also acquired numerous other consoles, such as a classic Zenith in fantastic condition, a nice Magnevox with 15″ woofers and horns, a Grundig Majestic, and a teak Telefunken. There are several dozen others in our warehouse awaiting transformation. Inquire if there is a particular model you’d like rebuilt/augmented. We may have it in the warehouse.

Rebuilt & Augmented Grundig NF2 Amplifier

Nothing says it better than the photo! It’s alive and beautiful! Totally rebuilt from the chassis up. The signal path has been upgraded with Made-in-USA Vishay-Dale low-noise pro resistors and quality metal-foil capacitors. We were able to rescue two of the original wax-paper caps for the RCA input decoupling, which is a nice touch. The original amplifier was VERY UGLY and was kept hidden in the console. We added really nice cherry side bars, powder-coated aluminum front and rear panels, Amphenol twist-connects for the power and audio outs, and a REALLY AWESOME green tuning-eye tube that dances to the music! We went with non-communist parts throughout: German power supply caps, Slovakian precision-matched tubes (EL84 & 12AX7), original German chassis, inductors, and transformers, USA-made signal path resistors and caps — Even the little rubber feet on the bottom of the amp are Made-in-USA. It sounds just wonderful. The dancing green-phosphor screen is icing on this delectable treat. This amp will power rebuilt USA-made AR5’s in its home, the clean-lined Telefunken Bayreuth 5552MX console.

We also DRAMATICALLY upgraded the crossover board used in the original AR-5 speaker system. We junked all the old, dead electrolytic caps (I’ll never use electrolytics in a crossover!!), junked the variable rheostats on the midrange and tweeter (they corrode easily and never seem to work right!), and rebuilt it from the ground up using hefty metal-foil caps that ought to last a century. A photo of the finished bi-amp-capable crossover is shown below, and a new sealed box with AR-5 drivers built right into the old console.

First NF2 Amp nearing completion!

Our overhaul of the great-sounding, classic Grundig NF2 amplifier is nearly complete. We tore the amplifier down to its bare chassis, powder coated it, replaced all the resistors in the audio path with professional Vishay-Dale low-noise metal-film resistors (Made in USA), new metal-foil capacitors, new tube sockets, wiring, power supply capacitors, etc. Only the transformers and chassis are original. A new set of precision-matched Tesla EL84 tubes and 12AX7 tubes (made in Slovakia, not a Communist country!) round out the rebuild. To make it look great, we added gloss-black, solid-aluminum panels to the front and rear, Cherry side-panels, nickel-finish lift handles, copper foil to the transformers, and Amphenol twist-connectors for the power and speaker connections. For a major finishing touch, we added a green-glowing tuning-eye tube (EM81/6DA5) that dances with the music!

This amplifier is included as part of the Telefunken Bayreuth 5552MX console. It is also the power supply for the radio/control system. More photos and video coming soon!

95% Complete rebuilt classic Grundig NF2 amplifier. It sounds and looks fantastic!

Current Projects

Welcome to the first blog for, where we merge high-class audio and fine furniture. Currently in the works: a stylish Grundig Majestic console, a classic Telefunken Bayreuth, a clean Grundig KS680, and a cute Jensen mini-console.

Here is the rebuilt, augmented Grundig NF2 amplifier. Yes, I added a tuning-eye tube to it. Now you can see the music dance! It’s wonderful. Thanks to Matt M. for making me the sleek custom wood side-bars. This amp will sell with our Telefunken Bayreuth 5552MX console rebuild.